June 16, 2024

So, after all the work I did getting the battery clip thing, the batteries somehow shorted out and basically melted the battery area in my EWI4000s. The EWI still works fine using the AC Power adapter, but battery part is totally useless. I suppose I could call up Akai again and see if I could get that whole battery holder thing from their parts department.

Though not sure the cost and actually what the part is called. The Akai parts people aren’t all too clear on what parts are either.

2 thoughts on “Battery Short In EWI4000s

  1. I just had this same problem today. I replaced the battery holder PCB, after moving the battery contact springs from the old board to the new one (I used flux to solder the springs to the contacts to get good connections, cleaned it up afterwards). Noticed the springs seemed to be a bit excessively long, but replaced the battery holder into the instrument and it tested ok. was starting to button it up when I noticed plastic smelling smoke from the area of the battery holder. When I removed the batteries and extracted the battery holder, I noticed the 3 of the 4 contact springs had shrunk in length and diameter with melted plastic around them. Needless to say I didn’t reinstall the fire hazard battery holder again. The best I could figure out is the springs were displaced enough to short somehow, but I couldn’t determine the exact location.

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