June 16, 2024

Sometimes, there are bad reviews. This is one of them.

CMUSE (which I’ve never heard of) did a list of the 4 Best Electric Wind Instruments. Basically, it sucks.

They put the EWI5000 at the top, followed by the Roland Aerophone, then the EWI5000 USB, and THEN the EWI4000S. They list the “cons” on the EWI4000S as “no specific synthesized sounds, no specific instrument is set for the electronic wind instrument”. WTF?

How about the CON on the EWI USB as “you need a freaking computer to get it to do sounds?”. And the “Pros” on the Roland Aerophone is “Sturdy. Has onboard monitors as well as headphone output playing anytime and anywhere”. WTF? The EWI 4000S had headphone output? Mention that? Nope.

Basically my list would be Akai EWI5000 and EWI4000 at the top, and maybe the Yamaha WX5, and then maybe the Roland Aerophone, and last would be the EWI USB. So lame.

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