June 16, 2024

Most excellent video introducing the EWI.

5 thoughts on “Intro To EWI

  1. Hello,
    I’m a new EWI5000 user, I’ve never had a wind instrument in my hands before. I really like EWI. Are there additional free patches with other sounds for it? I’m not interested in vsti plugins. After 2 days of purchase, the first melody played 🙂

    1. No clue. I think your options on the 5000 are pretty much none. I think that it is a sampled based instrument, so you can’t really get new patches for it.

  2. Hello I’m trying to connect my Ewi 4000s to my Mac and use it through the Logic Pro X Daw as a midi instrument and that way I can use the Logic sounds with the Ewi, if anyone knows what I need for this I mean what kind of cable or interface. Any help will be really hopeful.

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