June 16, 2024

EWI Tool, and open source patch editor for the Akai EWI4000s was shutdown almost 2 years ago. And Akai has since discontinued making the EWI 4000s (stupid decision in my opinion).

Seems like if you are a macOS user, you were kinda screwed as if you went to 10.15 (Catalina), you basically couldn’t edit your patches anymore.

Fear not, it is now been resurrected here. I’m excited. During this COVID-19 thing, one of the things I really wanted to do (and of course did not) was to get back into the EWI. And learn Bass. And Harmonica (none of those things happened either).

This is a great example of the benefit of Open Source, and that the community of Akai EWI 4000s users is still going strong!

3 thoughts on “EWI Tool Is BACK!

  1. I am having difficulty getting the latest version to recognize my EWI. I tried using both a 2012 Mac Mini running El Capitan (10.11.6) and a 2012 Macbook Pro running Mojave (10.14.6). Does anyone have an idea why this might be the case?

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