June 16, 2024

If you were going to list the “who’s who” of EWI, names like Michael Brecker, and Masato Honda come to mind. Yet, there is a new name that should come up. Eddie EWI.

Seriously, this guy RIPS on EWI. His channel is a pure delight to watch/listen to. He has really mastered the Akai EWI, and sounds f-ing great on it. Check him out!

3 thoughts on “the BEST EWI Youtube Channel?

    1. Yeah, seriously. Great stuff. It would be a great “deep dive” to go over the gear you use, what EWIs you use (4000s….rock on, and a 5000), etc etc. I have two 4000s controllers, one had a “melt down” in the battery area, and it’s all warped in there. Still plays fine with the AC power (future project to fix it), and the other works fine.

      1. Thanks again. Right now I am currently using my EWI4000S as a controller to a Modal Electronics Craft Synth. That’s running into a pitch shifter, reverb, and loop pedal! I use my 5000 for soft synths since its easier to just plug in the USB cable. Hopefully I’ll have a NuRAD EWI soon!! 🙂

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