May 22, 2024

If you play the Aerophone solo, ie not in conjunction with like playing saxophone or something, I think the Aerophone stand you should get is the Koldot Digital Wind Instrument Holder.

However, if you are playing saxophone, or saxophones, it get’s a little cramped having lots of stands around. And those stands have their own stability issues. They can be bumped and things fall over. Etc. I’ve always found that having a double stand with pegs is way more stable and compact than having separate stands for everything. Everything is in ONE spot, and stable. I cannot tell you how many times the AE30 has tipped over… has been a lot.

So, in the quest to find a solution, I found this 3D model for a stand adapter for an AE-10. So, having a 3D printer, I printed one out. And……it works quite well…….if you put a little bit of foam padding on it.

Maybe when I get more fluent in using Fusion 360 I’ll remix it and make it slightly smaller to fit better.

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