May 22, 2024

Having a 3D printer is a LOT of fun. Yes, you end up printing random shit, but at some point, you decide you want to fix a problem. My problem was getting some sort of stand adapter for an Aerophone AE-20 that would fit on my flute/clarinet peg. There was someone who made one for an Aerophone AE-10 but it is way way too big. So, I loaded up TinkerCad, did some measurements, and boom. Here is an adapter that fits on a flute/clarinet peg. Here is the link to it on

I did, kinda sorta, break my AE-30…..I did a model for the AE-30 but I haven’t had a chance to test it out yet (AE-30 was sent to Roland for repair). I’ll post that when it comes back and I make sure it works.

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