June 16, 2024

So, I don’t know exactly how to tell the Akai parts people what I need. Basically, I lost the clip in battery holder thing for my EWI4000s. So the first time I called to get the part, they sent me the clip in part…..without the metal connectors. Which is completely useless.

This week, I called them, and the guy seemed to know what he was talking about, and I received two parts. PT1530105, which is the Cover inner. It’s the clip in part which I already had. And PT1504404, Cover terminal. Which is the part that goes over the Cover inner. BUT IT DOESN’T HAVE THE METAL connectors to complete a circuit! Ugh.

Anyone have any ideas what exactly I need to get from them? Part number??


Ok, this is what you need. It is called a Torsion Terminal. You need two of them.

So, in total, you need:
1 – PT1530105 – Cover Inner
1 – PT1504404 – Cover Terminal
2 – MT1510101 – Torsion Terminal

Now we have battery power back!

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