June 16, 2024

Did this first mistakingly, then intentionally because I could not believe that the cause of the first failure was something so simple. I connected my ISP technologies Theta Preamp foot pedal  to my EWI 4000s and then I connected headphones using a patch cord and headphone to mono 1/4″ adapter to the Theta output jack hoping to listen to the preamp in headphones with my first EWI 4000s unit.

I played a few notes and noticed that my step sound was very unstable low in volume and by patch changed from 52 to one on it’s own and I was unable to stay stably on my original patch, it kept changing on it’s own to patch number one.

when I disconnected from the theater preamp and used any other amplifier that on stability instability continued and my volume continued to be very low grainy and lacking all character. I repeated these actions the next day using my original trustee EWI 4000 S and got the same results and unstable pitch character and pets changing on it’s own to patch number one or zero.

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