June 16, 2024

I have been playing the 4000 for just about a year. Can someone help me with the best ways to ensure that I don’t get “strange and unexpected” attack sounds as I move through the octaves while playing. I seems that my thumb is never properly?

Any ideas on the best technique?


1 thought on “4000 Octave Rollers

  1. It’s already an old post but the octave rollers are always a challenge to EWI players.

    Here’s what I noticed about it: Normally you put your thumb between 2 rollers and the higher roller is registered by the instrument. When you shift octave, your thumb will leave the gap towards the next gap and will contact only one roller for a brief moment. If you are shifting up, this roller is not the right roller and you need to compensate on your fingering so you are spot on with the note and octave. If you are shifting down, this roller is the right roller so you should go to the next note fingering right away. So you need to pay attention to this to avoid mismatching the octave and the note.

    I am also looking for the best technique to handle this, but good luck on everyone on this path like me.

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