June 16, 2024

How do you take the venerable Akai EWI, and make it total garbage? You strip away the wireless, make it longer, and give it a shitty speaker.

For your pleasure, the “geniuses” at Akai have brought forth…..the EWI Solo.

2 thoughts on “EWI Solo

  1. Harsh. Don’t know how one can judge by a marketing video that is produced and edited. Do you not like the music? You could be negative about all the wind controllers on the market. It all depends on how you want to use it and what music you want to play it with. We don’t have a build-a-wind controller store yet.

    1. Akai is a “professional” maker of instruments. I think anyone who uses their stuff is not saying “Oh, Akai, we love the EWI 5000 but can you strip out the wireless abilities, and put in a speaker? And could you also not put in Bluetooth ability either. We’d rather use the speaker”.

      No, everyone would LOVE to have bluetooth on it. It’s like they didn’t listen to people who play it. It seems like they are more concerned with making shit that they can market to the “techbro” who wants to jam out with people in thier open space.

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